Mind Mommy Coaching Survey Reveals Startling Stats about Mothers and Maternal Mental Health

A recent survey has revealed that over one third of mothers have admitted to regretting becoming a mom, according to new research carried out by Mind Mommy Coaching, a qualified and accredited life coach for mothers who has supported over 3,500 women

The survey, carried out in September 2023 amongst 1902 mothers across Ireland and the U.K, revealed that just 37% of those who responded indicated that they have even just for a single moment, regretted becoming a mom. This is mainly attributed to feelings of not being a good enough mother as well as the unexpected contrast between expectations and reality. Almost 90% admitted that their reality of motherhood felt much harder than what they expected it would be prior to having children.  

The research takes a deep dive into the mental health of women during their years of motherhood. Many of the statistics are the unspoken reality of many mothers yet, as a society, they are admissions that don’t often get brought to the forefront of conversation. Mind Mommy Coaching is a life coaching service dedicated to normalising the challenges of all stages of motherhood and helping moms navigate those challenges to achieve positive mental wellbeing. Set up by mom of three, Laura Guckian, the business aims to ensure mothers have the clarity and tools they need to achieve positive mental health, and stems from Laura’s own personal experience with mental health when she first became a mother. 

Mind Mommy Coaching supports moms through 1:1 coaching, Corporate Talks/Programs and The Academy (a 6 week group coaching program). It takes a village to raise a child, and in absence of that village, Mind Mommy Coaching is the emotional village that will allow moms to be seen, heard, and supported.

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