Public Relations in the Restaurant Industry

When you think of public relations, you may imagine the ways in which it can be utilised in order to promote a new product, or bring awareness to a specific campaign. The reality is that public relations possesses a multitude of uses throughout all sectors, whether that be corporate or consumer, PR is an excellent tool to have in any business or campaign’s toolbox to elevate a brands visibility, brand, and reputation.

This year, Harris PR partnered with The Purty Kitchen, a truly stunning and unique gastro pub located in Dún Laoghaire with a 300 year old history. Under new management, the seaside gastro pub sought to improve the restaurants image, as well as increasing awareness of the gastro’s services and offers.

Whilst traditional forms of advertising are still popular in the restaurant industry, they have the potential to limit their reach to the consumer in how they deliver their message. This is an area which PR can be used as a tool to help promote a restaurants brand, and well as improving their reputation. By providing a comprehensive media relations and social media strategy, Harris PR navigated regional and national publications and broadcasters, securing coverage opportunities that allowed us to spread awareness of the seaside restaurant.

When building a restaurant PR strategy, it is important not to stray from the basics. In order to engage the community to support your business and elevate your brand’s visibility, the first step is to establish the brands values and what they seek from PR. Creating a positive public image is vital to driving business and success, and can be done so by collaborating with influencers, promoting activities and events inside the venue, as well as implementing a social media strategy that showcases the offerings of the restaurant.

When working with The Purty Kitchen, Harris PR sought to engage key media and influencers targets, utilishing seasonal offers such as Cinco de Mayo, Bastille Day, National Linguine Day, as well as the launch of The Purty Kitchen’s new al fresco dining space, The Courtyard. Helping to build brand awareness and customer loyalty, it is clear how important PR is to the restaurant industry. By targeting key media publications, creating bespoke gifting opportunities, and much more – Harris PR assisted in driving brand awareness with The Purty Kitchen, helping to build relationships with influencers in the process.

Restaurant PR is so much more than it may seem on the surface, as it helps to establish your brand with media and influencers, broadening your reach with the consumer market as they digest news from newspapers, magazines, and online articles, helping them to buy in to your business before they have even reserved a table. With the right strategy, any restaurant can greatly benefit from what PR has to offer.