Harris PR launches new charity initiative with ‘Harris Helps’ series

At Harris PR, we are very excited to introduce a new initiative for 2024; our Harris Helps series.

At Harris PR, we are dedicated to be using our skills, voices and our channels to make a positive impact on the world around us.  Over the years, we’re proud to have worked with dozens of charities and not for profit organisations across a large number of fundraising and awareness campaigns, and this new series presents an opportunity to focus on charities that may not be on your radar.  By making financial donations, and shining a spotlight on organisations and the work they do, we feel we can make a real difference in a new way.

How does #HarrisHelps work?  Each month, you can nominate, via our website, a charity that you think deserves our support. We will select an organisation to receive a donation, and we will feature them and their services on our blog, and social channels, raising awareness of the work they do, and encouraging others to donate too.

We welcome you to submit your nominations for February via the link in our bio, or at harrispr.ie/our-culture.

This month, we’re thrilled to kickstart #HarrisHelps by supporting a wonderful cause chosen by our team, Cork Penny Dinners.

Penny Dinners provides free, non-judgmental services to those in need, addressing issues like loneliness, homelessness, and mental health. The diverse team of volunteers offers daily care, including simple gestures like a cup of tea or a friendly chat. 

There has been a significant rise in homelessness, mental health challenges, and families seeking their support. As a registered charity, their objective is to provide food assistance and support to those in need. Service users and volunteers at Cork Penny Dinners interact with good humour and mutual respect, and a willingness to offer a hand in support.  

There is always an open door and a warm welcome at Cork Penny Dinners, they are open 7 days a week all year round including Christmas Day.

We have huge admiration and respect for the team of volunteers and service users, who come together, building connections, as well as providing and seeking comfort.

If you have any spare time to volunteer with Cork Penny Dinners, or are in a position to make a donation, we would encourage you to do so.  There are also similar charities, in your area doing great work.  Find out how you can help and more on our website.

Want to donate, volunteer, or show support? Check out the links below for additional resources on how to get involved with Cork’s Penny Dinners and similar organisations around Ireland:

Cork Penny Dinners: https://www.corkpennydinners.ie/

Little Flower Penny Dinners: https://www.littleflower.ie/

Irish Soup Kitchen Centres: http://www.irishsoupkitchencentres.ie/about-us/

Mustard Seed Soup Run: https://www.mustardseedsouprun.com/

Feed Our Homeless: https://feedourhomeless.ie/

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