Petmania Pioneers Microchipping Outside Of Vet Clinics, Revolutionising Pet Identification in Ireland 

Petmania, the largest specialist pet retailer in Ireland, recently extended their service offering to include in-store microchipping services.

The move positions Petmania as the first company in Ireland outside of veterinary clinics to offer the service, making it more convenient than ever for pet identification. By expanding their offerings, they position themselves as trailblazers, ensuring that both pets and pet owners receive the best and most comprehensive care services possible.

Microchipping is a legal requirement for dogs in Ireland, however, it is also beneficial to identify your beloved pet if lost. It is also recommended for cats although it is not a legal requirement. Without a microchip it is more difficult for found pets to be reunited with their owners. The microchip itself is a transponder with a unique identification number. The chip is injected under the skin of the pet, once scanned the number allows your pet to be easily identified. Once inserted the microchip will last you pets lifetime. 

Originally launching in Petmania’s Waterford store in July, the service has since been made available in all stores across Ireland.   

Microchipping at Petmania costs €24.99 per pet which includes:

  • The price to implant your pet’s microchip.
  • Register your pet with an approved Irish Microchipping Database
  • Issue your Certificate of Registration.

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