Personal Meets Practicality with A Week of Socks

Harris PR have recently teamed up with A Week of Socks, an Irish start-up who seek to strike the perfect gifting balance this Christmas by offering a gift that is both practical and personal.

A Week of Socks, a visionary Irish start-up, has unveiled a game-changing solution to the never-ending issue of matching socks and the vexing odd sock conundrum. Designed in Ireland and developed with the intent of simplifying the daily routine for men who despise the hassle, A Week of Socks introduces a magical box of always identical socks – no pairing, no left or right, and no sock left behind. Just in time for Christmas.  

Born out of the frustration that accompanies the daily chore of sock pairing, A Week of Socks is the brainchild of entrepreneur Brian Lennon who, like many, found odd socks to be a persistent annoyance. Recognising the need for socks that can easily transition through all aspects of a hectic week, Brian and his team set out to produce a range that is extremely comfortable, exceptionally durable, carefully made, and competitively priced. 

Each purchase includes a machine washable laundry bag (which also doubles as a travel bag) and storage box. Unlike traditional boxes that are recycled or thrown, the Socks Box is both functional and elegant, simplifying the morning routine for individuals who just want to grab their socks and go. The Socks Box seamlessly transitions from a beautiful gift box into a stylish storage box, perfect to keep tucked away in your drawer or display in your room.  

The laundry bag was inspired by founder Brian’s mother, whose imaginative attitude to household chores, especially in a busy family with three teenage boys, lay the groundwork for a streamlined sock management system. The laundry bag is perfect for washing socks, prolonging their life as the socks are protected against rubbing during wash cycles. The laundry bag also makes the ideal travel bag for socks. It is compact to fit in any form of luggage and keeps socks organised, even when you are on the go! 

A Week of Socks is more than just a brand; it’s an eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind solution that makes the ideal Christmas gift. This holiday season treat your dad, husband, partner, son, or friend to a meaningful and inventive gift that solves the age-old dilemma of the morning sock struggle. 

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