Petmania’s Guide to a Pet-Friendly Halloween this October

This week, Ireland’s pet experts Petmania launched a national media alert to advise pet owners on how to better care for their furry friends during the Halloween period. The Irish-owned business, which has 15 stores nationwide, urges the public to take extra caution during this spooky season, by sharing several steps that can be followed to alleviate any stress or anxiety that their pets may experience during Halloween. 

  1. Prepare a safety den – Halloween can bring about many disturbances throughout the night such as door knocking and doorbell ringing. To help ensure that your pet feels safe, Petmania have advised creating a safety den using a pet crate to help them snooze through all the trick-or-treating. 
  1. Treat puzzles – To ensure your pet has a ‘hoppy’ Halloween, treat puzzles are a fantastic way to distract your pet from potential stresses such as the doorbell ringing. 
  1. Take care of your surroundings – Remember, folks, Halloween candy is for humans, not for your fur babies. Grapes, raisins, and chocolate are toxic to dogs so keep them well out of reach and choose a pet-safe treat instead. 
  1. Costumes are optional – Playing dress up can be fun, but it is important that your pet feels comfortable. If your pet is feeling anxious and do not wish to wear a costume, it is best to listen to them. If your pet is a ‘purrfectionist’ when it comes to their appearance, you can check out Petmania’s range of Halloween pet outfits! 
  1. Stay visible – If your pet is accompanying children while trick-or-treating, ensure that they are visible at all times. Reflective collars, leads, and coats will help you to ensure an eye is kept on your pet.  

Although Halloween can be a fun time for family and friends, we must also remember to ensure our furry friends are also comfortable. Persistent loud noises such as bangers, fireworks, and Halloween parties can sometimes spook our four-legged friends in ways we can avoid on Halloween, so it is important to make sure that they are also content and cared for during this time.

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