Domino’s Taste of the Nation: Ireland’s Pizza Preferences Revealed

How you ever wondered how many people eat Dominos, and what exactly are they ordering? Wonder no more as Domino’s, the nation’s best-loved pizza, have just revealed research from the inaugural Taste of the Nation report; a nationwide study by Domino’s into Ireland’s pizza preferences. The report reveals a staggering 951,259 orders for pepperoni and over 561,905 orders for roast chicken, showcasing the nation’s love for these classic toppings. 

For Irish pizza lovers it’s all about a personalised pizza with almost 6.7 million customised toppings added in the last year. Domino’s today revealed pepperoni, roast chicken, and ham as the top three most ordered additional pizza toppings, with tandoori chicken and green jalapeños adding heat to the top ten. 

But wait, there’s more! The report also uncovers some interesting Irish pizza preferences. Garlic Pizza Bread, the ultimate side dish, is a staple in most Irish pizza orders, while tandoori chicken has surprisingly knocked controversial pineapple out of the top ten, reflecting Ireland’s spicy palate. 

This fascinating and detailed report reveals a lot to us on how Irish consumers order from the nations favourite pizza restaurant, unveiling important insights for the food giant. The report does so much more than breaking down pizza preferences, as it allows us to look into the preferences of provinces and our capital city throughout the Republic of Ireland, these statistics include:

Dubliners: Where Pizza Meets Late-Night Adventures – Dubliners, known for their adventurous spirit, extend that same enthusiasm to their pizza choices, embracing the bold flavours of BBQ and buffalo sauce. With 49% preferring BBQ and 28% opting for buffalo sauce, Dubliners are among the most adventurous pizza lovers in Ireland. They also embrace the convenience of late-night pizza, with 15% enjoying a slice after a night out. 

Munster: The Tomato Sauce Troupe – Our Munster neighbours, renowned for their love of traditional flavours, relish the simplicity of tomato sauce, with a whopping 69% declaring it their sauce of choice. They’re also the midweek pizza champions, with 29% savouring the warmth and comfort of pizza on a bustling weekday evening. 

Leinster: The Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Contingent – 33% ofour Leinster friends are smitten with the combination of smoked salmon and cream cheese on their pizza.  They’re also the family gathering enthusiasts, with 32% bringing loved ones together over a shared pizza experience.  The Chick ‘n Mix Box is their favourite crowd-pleasing side. 

Connacht: The Adventurous Palates – Our adventurous Connacht residents, known for their bold culinary choices, embrace the unexpected delight of reindeer meat on their pizza, with 18% favouring it. They’re also the most open-minded when it comes to pizza etiquette, with half (50%) finding knife-and-fork dining acceptable. A staggering 56,299 classic cookies were devoured this year in the West, with limited edition chocolate orange cookies proving hugely popular while they were on menus.  

Ulster: The Pepperoni Paradise – Ulster residents are truly passionate about pepperoni. A whopping 97.6% of Ulster pizza lovers indulge in this timeless treat. This unwavering dedication to pepperoni is so strong that Ulster is also the most likely province to order pizza when hungover. While pepperoni may reign supreme, Ulster pizza lovers have a penchant for pineapple with 11.29% developing a fondness for the most controversial of toppings. 

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